In observance of Memorial Day, I wanted to share some photos from the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. It’s an incredible museum; initially conceived as the national D-Day Museum, they are rapidly expanding to cover all aspects of the war. They added a pavilion featuring war planes at the beginning of this year, and a whole separate structure on the European and Pacific theaters is being added now. 

What’s really interesting is that they have these temporary exhibits that go into directions not often touched on in history books or in history classes, like the lives of POWs in Germany. 

Everyone who I talked to before I went to New Orleans couldn’t recommend it more, and I join them as it’s a really well-done exhibition. It gets very, very graphic, especially in the Pacific theater section in depicting the blatant racism and the horrific civilian casualties and the latter especially is difficult to experience, but I respect how unflinching they are about all of it. Yes, there is some glorification of the technology of war in showing off all of the planes, but at the same time they are unflinching in showing the human cost of all of it.

In short: it’s all very good to see. 

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